Since many have learned the art of cheating in cards game, it has become quite common when playing any card game. There are even specialized guides to teach how to cheat the card games. Some companies and websites also give a beginner’s guide to using cheats in card games.

In fact, there are numerous cheating methods to become indifferent to card games. In this case, the procedure uses marked cards altered illegally so that their values are visible from the back. It is undoubtedly the most famous method of cheating in card games. To mark these cards, one must make the back of the card decipherable and readable by scratching or developing a visible but not detectable from the cards.

Skilled gamers or cheaters know the necessary card for the game and can easily recognize that one from the set of cards. Thus, they can mark the high cards any way they want. A slight curvature on the card surface makes it easy to spot the differently marked card on the sport. Let’s learn some of the marked card methods in poker cheating below. If you wish to know further about marked playing cards, you can access for more of its crucial information. 


marked cards gamesOne of the marked card methods is shading. Shading, as implied by the name, thickens or colors certain parts of a complicated card design. This mark denotes information to communicate its value. The markings created by this sign system are apparent through a filter usually placed on the cheater’s glasses. It is very likely to help the cheater identify the card clearly, while some other players will not always know unless there is a suspicious atmosphere created.


Nicking is the second method in marked cards where the poker player just cuts out a small area in the card without anyone noticing. Besides cutting, nicking can also use nail marking and, the players can do this process many times for multiple cards. It depends on the efficiency and knowledge of the player. Nicking can even appear on the same card multiple times, depending on how the players mark it and skillful they do it.


The third methods known as dubbing in playing marked cards involve ink and a dauber. In this case, this dauber is a substance used to mark the card’s area with ink. In this daubing method, the glasses are necessary to track the mark clearly. You will find glasses specifically designed to work on these marked cards.

Corner Crimping

The last method is corner crimping. The players take cards to mark and slide them by symbolizing them like a thumbnail mark. Some cheaters who have gone into details with the cards might also sign different cards at the same specific period when the deck is complete. This marking is easy for the player to recognize when playing poker.

Marked cards have become a thing in many poker games among the players. It is a naive truth that people begin to learn the poker game along with the cheating processes. Therefore, there is not a clear distinction between new players and experienced players who use marked cards. Furthermore, marked cards also play a vital role in analyzing how nice the tricks used in the game and their use in doing it without getting caught. Thus, in addition to the challenging fact of cheating, there is also a question of wisdom and wise play.