Common Anxiety Disorder Signs In Toddlers

Anxiety is a common and devastating psychiatric condition. This mental disorder is not just experienced by adults only. Young adults and children can have this problem too. Understanding the situation is a toddler could prove difficult in most cases.

While anxiety symptoms easily manifest in adults, the signs could be unnoticed in toddlers. This may worsen the condition since it might take long to discover the mental problem. It is, thus, imperative that parents learn the common signs of anxiety in toddlers. If recognized early enough, a child could be set free from this problem for life. Below are the common anxiety signs you should look out for in a child:

I. Unexplained fears and phobias


Fears about darkness, monsters, and huge animals are common concerns in children. However, the fear and phobia grow unreasonably high for those kids who have anxiety. Look out for any unusual fears in a toddler. It could be a case of anxiety in the child.

II. Unusual routine life practice

Toddlers are known to do their things in a routine manner. However, anxiety causes such toddlers to remain obsessive of their routine life. Simple changes cause restlessness and agitation in the kid.

III. Being too perfect

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is not a common problem with kids. Toddlers like getting themselves dirty. If one has anxiety issues, they are likely to avoid dirt and thus avoid playing. This is an indication that the child is anxious and needs attention.

IV. Noise sensitivity

While kids don’t care so much about noise around them, an anxious toddler with exhibit extreme sensitivity to noise. In severe cases, you may notice physical shaking in cases of loud noise or vacuum sounds. Common sounds like music, garbage collection truck, or flushing of the toilet may cause a disturbance in such kids.

V. Being too particular

Toddlers may show much love for certain items such as clothes. However, being overly particular about any of their toys, clothes or foods could be a sign of anxiety.

VI. Sleeping problems


Sleeping is at times a difficult thing for toddlers. In anxiety-related cases, kids find it difficult sleeping unless with the help of some pills or with parents’ help. This could be serious if not handled early.

VII. Overemphasis on personal rituals

Kids have certain expectations and how their things are done. This includes eating using certain plates, being handled in a certain way, or keeping their stuff in a specific way.

Parents should be keen to learn the boundaries of any of the above signs of anxiety in toddlers. Seek advice and medical help in time so as to help the child. Look at this article on effective ways of handling anxiety problems and learns how you can help you child overcome anxiety.