Practical Tips On How To Stop Drinking Alcohol Completely

Do you want to learn to stop drinking? Well, you’re in the right place. People have different reasons why they want to stop drinking alcohol. Some stop as a result of developing alcohol-related problems such as liver cirrhosis, or because of taking medication. Whatever your reason, this article gives a lot of practical tips on how to stop drinking alcohol completely.

Ways to stop drinking alcohol

yjuru67tkujhmfykrFirstly, if you know you have a serious alcohol drinking problem, you should first consult your doctor.  Alcohol support service centers are also good places you can go for advice. Giving alcohol completely is hard, especially if you have been drinking heavily in the past. Here is a list of tips that will help make your transition in life a bit easier.

  • Inform family and friends of your intentions

Once you have decided that you are going to stop drinking, call your family members and close friends and make your intentions known to them. This way, you will be able to get any necessary support from them. Frequently reminding yourself and you close friends on the reasons to stop drinking can give you the motivation to quit drinking entirely.

  • Avoid temptations

It is an excellent idea to avoid situations that may lead to alcoholism. This could imply changing your inner circle of friends or opting out of the weekly trip to the pub. Try going to a restaurant that doesn’t sell alcohol for lunch and make sure that you make yourself busy to avoid being idle. Try to identify the triggers and ensure that keep off them.

  • Gradually reduce your drinking


When you want to stop drinking alcohol, gradually reducing the amount of alcohol you drink is advisable as opposed giving up completely. It is an effective method to stop drinking alcohol in the future. Start by cutting down on the number of days that you drink alcohol by coming up with a diary. By sticking to those days can soon become a habit helping you to do away with the temptation and even encouraging you to increase the alcohol-free days in your diary.

  • Reward yourself

It’s vital that you acknowledge that you are making changes to your lifestyle and that you need to reward yourself if you are making progress. A simple way to keep track of your progress is to give yourself short-term goals that are achievable. Perhaps you could aim for an alcohol-free month for example. If you tend to drink after meals, try replacing it with something else you enjoy.